Case studies

Bloomsbury AI

Bloomsbury AI is a UK startup that specialises in building AI solutions that read and understand text documents and answer questions about their contents.

Bloomsbury AI received early access to cutting edge hardware and expertise from Digital Catapult resulting in increased productivity and faster product development. The Bloomsbury AI team was recruited by Facebook as part of its efforts to grow natural language processing research and further understand its applications.

Through Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage, Bloomsbury AI has been able to compete with big established players in the tech industry.

Digital Catapult gave us access to leading edge hardware and specialist expertise that isn’t easily available to startups: we were able to significantly accelerate the development of our technology and product.

Guillaume Bouchard

Co-Founder and CEO, Bloomsbury AI


Predina is an innovative startup leveraging AI and machine learning to use contextual data to dynamically predict risk in real time. Its vision is to use AI to dramatically reduce the incidence of road accidents for the transportation industry.

Participating in the Machine Intelligence Garage programme gave Predina access to valuable expertise and computation power, enabling it to train its algorithm on large data sets and accelerate product development to a degree that would not have been possible otherwise.

Winning a contract for solution trials worth

£ 50 k

Engaging with Digital Catapult has been an amazing opportunity for us. Machine learning companies have unique challenges that not many startups face.

Bola Adegbulu

Co-founder and CEO, Predina