In the last twelve months the organisation has helped over 600 early stage and scaleup businesses.

We have supported over two dozen international corporations in their research, development and innovation. We have become a delivery partner to UK government, helping frame key enabling and infrastructural programmes for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), and as a catalyst for industrial technology adoption. We have developed a suite of world class facilities and market leading programmes, each of which is giving UK business a strategic competitive edge.

As digital technologies continue to challenge the boundaries between sectors and enable disruptive behaviours up and down value chains, Digital Catapult helps companies deliver the products, services and experiences of the future. We are building value propositions for international businesses, giving them the confidence to locate their R&D in the UK because of our excellent capabilities.

We have been building those capabilities in key partnerships both with ground-breaking startups and scaleups and with world leading academics.

As trusted business relationships come under more scrutiny, we have also taken a practical world-leading role in developing an ethical framework for deep tech AI companies and driving its adoption through our Machine Intelligence Garage programme.

Our programmes are rooted in specific practical needs of the businesses we work with, as are the unique range of testbeds and facilities that we offer. They are all defined by clear strategic objectives that deliver real value into the economy as a whole.

In the short term, we help our partner businesses adapt new technologies to their markets, develop new business plans to exploit technology opportunities, understand key ethical issues in their business models, raise private investment and grant funding, and bring new products and services to market. This year alone, we have worked with companies who between them have brought more than 100 new products and services to market. The longer term impact of our work will be visible in the customers of those new products and services and the benefits to wider society and the economy from those innovations.

Our broader economic impact also comes from the many companies who see what our partners are doing and compete with them, copy or emulate them or even seek to leapfrog them. The spillover effects of our strategic inventions ripple out far into the broader economy and society as a whole in the UK and beyond.

This past year has seen us create real momentum in the marketplace, growing our reputation through a track record of high level technical competence, leading edge innovation capability and a responsible approach to technology optimism as well as ambition for the companies we work with. We are more than excited about what we can do in the coming three to five years as our impact grows.

Our impact comes from the many companies who see what our partners are doing and compete with them, copy or emulate them, or even seek to leapfrog them. The spillover effect from these interventions ripples out far into the economy and society as a whole.

Dr Jeremy Silver

CEO, Digital Catapult