Inspiring investor confidence

We help investors and venture capitalists gain visibility of the innovator ecosystem to help understand the investing and scaling potential of the advanced digital technologies we work with. We introduce investors to high-calibre businesses with solutions that have genuine commercial applications.

Bringing research out of the lab

Digital Catapult works with academics and researchers to get research out of the lab and into the heart of industry. We connect businesses and researchers to provide the industrial context that focuses research, speeds up commercialisation and breaks down barriers to innovation. Digital Catapult is a founding participant of the RCUK funded Researcher in Residence initiative, and has hosted 19 researchers from 17 universities since 2015.

Collaborative research and development (CR&D)

Using our extensive networks, we’re able to bring together industry-leading teams to work on international projects.

  • The C3ISP project, a collaboration between 11 partners from the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland and France, is creating a platform for data analysis to support cyber security management.
  • F-Interop, a three year project looking at researching, developing and supporting the emerging standards and technologies for IoT, and involves companies from six European countries.
  • SynchroniCity is all about scaling up IoT solutions for smart cities and communities. Digital Catapult is driving the design principles and guidelines for the project as part of a consortium of over 35 partners.
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  • Content Personalisation Network, or CPN, works towards an improved personal news offering enabling economic impact for small and large news publishers via an open, DLT enabled platform. 10 partner companies, including leading news organisations in Italy, Germany and Belgium, are involved in the project.

Helping startups become scaleups

We accelerate the sustainable growth of innovative businesses and support them to develop new business models, products and services using advanced digital technologies, helping to remove barriers to successful growth.

Our technical experts work with startups and scaleups to undertake collaborative research and development (CR&D). We identify high calibre startups and scaleups and invite them to participate in innovation workshops and competitions, including access to our leading-edge digital and physical facilities. The businesses we work with have the opportunity to meet and pitch to industry decision makers, potential partners, clients and investors.

Driving change in traditional environments

By bringing entrepreneurialism to traditional industries, we help larger organisations access advanced digital technology experts and noteworthy innovators to help them develop transformative solutions which meet industry challenges.
We support every stage of the innovation journey, from developing a strategy, to engaging in open innovation, from partnering on collaborative research and development projects, to delivering scalable technology sprints and proofs-of-concept. Digital Catapult offers short and long-term innovation services, which are tailored to business challenges. We have delivered successful innovation activities for Unilever, Rolls-Royce, Sellafield, P&G, Thales, BAE Systems and the Armed Forces amongst others.

Digital Catapult gave us invaluable access to business mentors from other fields. The advice we received was gold dust

Jerome Joaug

Nymbly, Co-founder