5g enabled orchestra

A world's first - 5G-enabled orchestra experience

Digital Catapult’s work with IoT and 5G technologies is helping enable better connectivity between the physical and digital worlds.

Successful and widespread implementation of IoT technologies is already demonstrating productivity gains and optimisation of processes. 5G is a truly transformative technology: with world-first following world-first, 5G is a quantum leap in wireless technology that promises to affect every part of our lives.

The value of connectivity

World class digital infrastructure is the building block for the modern industrial economy. As the quantity and importance of data increases, organisations need secure, efficient and resilient technologies to collect, manage and interpret it. IoT and 5G provide advanced, highly configurable connectivity that’s faster, cheaper, more reliable, secure and flexible, whilst also using less energy. They will be the foundation for new business models, applications, experiences, products and services.

IoT, including LPWAN and LoRaWAN, connects a range of physical devices such as sensors or appliances to track, monitor and manage them remotely and efficiently. IoT is fast becoming more prevalent as more products - ranging from sophisticated industrial machines to simple sensor units - become ‘connected’.

The impact of 5G, a key network technology, is hard to overestimate. As a key enabler of innovation in the UK economy, 5G is expected to bring significant economic benefits across multiple sectors. With 5G offering so many opportunities, much of the work Digital Catapult does helps industry purposefully and meaningfully incorporate 5G into its activities. We work with large and small organisations to increase their understanding of 5G and show them what challenges 5G can address, and how.


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Digital Catapult 5G partners

Digital Catapult and 5G

Here’s how we’re helping to stimulate UK innovation in 5G:

  • Building and operating 5G testbeds in London and Brighton, purposely designed for commercial use
  • Launching a 5G Testbed Acceleration Programme to guide startups and scaleups in how to harness the power of 5G to complement or enable their product or service, and providing expert technical support to help them succeed
  • Acting as a trusted partner to UK industry
  • Providing expert technical support to initiatives such as the DCMS 5G Trials and Testbeds programme: we are designing and developing a three year, multi-million pound programme of 5G activity in manufacturing and logistics to demonstrate and showcase the transformational power of 5G
  • Working closely with the academic community to ensure that UK research remains at the forefront of technology advances
  • Collaborating with partners from around the UK on projects such as 5G Smart Tourism which aims to change how the cultural, heritage and tourism sectors create interactive immersive experiences in a way never seen before using 5G

Supporting the development and adoption of future networks technologies

The first commercially available testbeds

Creating and operating test networks and providing access to hardware and services for commercial use, including large scale 5G testbeds in London and Brighton.

The Things Network

Partnering with The Things Network, Digital Catapult established Britain’s largest free-to-use LoRaWAN network and innovation community. With access to a network of over 400 base stations Things Connected has supported over 70 startups to create a range of IoT solutions to meet the needs of corporate challenge owners. It is a free-to-use network for experimenting and prototyping new IoT products and services which will benefit from the unique features of LoRaWAN and SigFox. Over 1,100 businesses are using the 2,500 square kilometre network to experiment and prototype.

Future Networks Lab

Alongside Siemens, BT, PTC, IBM, Servicenow, Semtech, Texas Instruments and Arrow, we are supporting the future networks ecosystem in the UK. The Future Networks Lab is one of the first facilities in Europe specifically designed to experiment with 5G and IoT technologies, and brings together network, service, platform and solutions providers in a technology agnostic space to collaborate and scale the use of future networks technologies.

Future Networks Lab partners