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Digital Catapult has been instrumental in establishing programmes and facilities that reach into the UK’s creative immersive startup community and has made a tangible difference in the UK’s ability to maintain its world leading edge in art and culture.

CreativeXR was the very first UK publicly funded accelerator programme designed specifically for immersive tech companies creating artistic content which relied on a technological component.

It is recognised on the global stage as an example of how public and private organisations can work together not only to create the groundwork for others to draw inspiration from, but also to embed innovative experimentation with technology into the arts and culture scene in the UK. Our Augmentor programme continues to raise the bar for eligibility each year since it started.

The facilities we have built, or had a hand in bringing to market, are recognised global leaders in performance and volumetric capture, setting a standard that the rest of the world is now racing to compete with.

Encompassing a whole ecosystem of technologies from virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality through to haptic technology and other forms of human-computer interface, immersive technology is fast becoming commonplace in the creative space – for example in gaming, film & TV, and advertising – and in manufacturing and other industrial sectors for training and data visualisation.

Immersive technologies quite simply revolutionise how people interact with their environment. UK immersive companies represent almost 10% of the global market, and as more companies move into this space from a range of sectors, there’s a big challenge to build upon the UK’s wealth of knowledge and skills to bring together this growing ecosystem. This will drive forward the game-changing innovations that make the UK the best place in the world to create immersive content and applications.


applications to CreativeXR in the first two years

Augmentor graduate HoloMe signed deals with ASOS and H&M and raised close to

£ 1 m


Digital Catapult funded projects at Tribeca Film Festival 2019

Digital Catapult provides unrivalled access to the latest developments in virtual, augmented and mixed reality supporting the development of a strong and vibrant UK immersive community.

Dimension Studio, Imaginarium Studios and Immersive Labs

dancer at dimension studio

Dimension Studio

Dimension is a world-class volumetric video capture studio. One of the most advanced facilities of its kind, Dimension has given a significant contribution to the UK’s capability to produce volumetric video which enables an array of new audience experiences.

immersive vr woman

Imaginarium Studios

Imaginarium is the UK’s leading performance capture studio, and is revolutionising storytelling by applying the latest innovations in performance capture technology, helping to cement the UK’s global leadership in creating immersive content.

immersive vr dimension demonstration

Immersive Labs

Digital Catapult’s Immersive Labs provide a network of cutting edge innovation facilities equipped with the latest specialist hardware for testing and showcasing virtual and augmented reality solutions and content.

immersive vr dimension demonstration


Augmentor is a 12-week programme supporting early stage businesses developing innovative and commercially-focused applications of augmented and virtual reality. In partnering with some of the world’s leading investment funds, Augmentor gives investors a much greater understanding of advanced augmented and virtual reality technology. It enables Digital Catapult to discover businesses with the most commercially viable solutions and gives them the skills to approach investors confidently.