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Our brilliant people inspire, drive and deliver change across the UK and around the world.

We empower innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and academics to succeed in creating UK economic growth and to compete on the global stage.

From our interns and apprentices to the 20% of our employees who have a PhD, Digital Catapult’s talented team of experts is drawn from the best of industry and academia.

We place great value on the diverse range of voices from different backgrounds which is key to bringing out the best ideas and innovation.

We’re proud that women make up over half of our Management Team. Our team brings together talent from over 25 countries, and our culture embraces the vibrancy and distinctiveness of our people mixed with the agile, innovative mindset of the tech startup community.
This culture has been harnessed to form the values we all share, that are reflected in all we do at work, and in the relationships with our partners.

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What are we capable of together?

We value people’s ambitions for their own careers, for the development of advanced digital technology and for the startups, corporates and other organisations with whom we partner. We help channel the ambition of UK startups into traditional industries and focus the growth of exciting new products and services.

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True inspiration comes from collaboration.

Working on the biggest challenges and juggling multiple projects, we take on work that pushes the boundaries of technology. We know that only by promoting and embracing diversity and inclusion in all we do, can we truly inspire success in ourselves and in others.

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Working at the forefront of advanced digital technology often means taking a leap of faith.

Alongside many of the UK’s leading universities and research organisations, we’re working with a range of people who are truly curious, who take risks and push boundaries to see what’s possible and how to drive it towards commercial reality.

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We strive to make a positive impact.

Whether it's unlocking the potential of the technologies we work with, understanding what traditional businesses and industries are capable of and willing to change, or developing our personal potential, we’ll always take an optimistic approach to the challenges we
take on.